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Meet the Doctor!

Dr. Burns has been a Chiropractor for 31 years. He comes from a family of Chiropractors - Dad, Uncle, Brother and Daughter. He feels so fortunate to be able to practice in the same office with his Daughter, at Burns/Hall Chiropractic in Placerville. Dr. Burns graduated from Palmer West, Sunnyvale, CA in June 1990. He moved his family to Washington state in 1991 and had a Chiropractic practice there from 1991-1995. In 1995 he and his family decided to move to Alberta, Canada, where he is originally from. He practiced there for 17 years where he completed a diplomate of Rehabilitative Chiropractic. This gave him a great deal of experience with the incorporation of exercise into all of  the treatment programs for his patients.

Dr. Burns feels that on-going learning is important to help his patients. He recently began a functional neurology course of study. He decided to include this after being impressed with the way that chiropractors are learning to influence the nervous system through different forms of activation. Primarily this is nervous system activation with the goal of balancing different systems of coordination and control.

Dr. Burns uses the Activator instrument to make corrections in the spine and extremeties. The Activator instrument is a very gentle and safe method of correcting joint dysfunction.

Dr. Burns is an experienced Chiropractor and if you are suffering in any way, why not take advantage of his expertise and see how his gentle, effective care can help you find health. 

Activator MethodsTechnique


Activator MethodsTechnique, which is an extensively researched, gentle chiropractic technique to achieve maximum improvement in function and comfort.

We use the latest advances in Activator technology, specifically the Activator V, that has been shown in clinical testing to be a significantly superior adjustment.







Rehabilitative Chiropractic


Rehabilitatve Chiropractic focuses on emphasizing the creation of a balanced muscular support for improved joint function. Rehabilitative Chiropractic consists of Chiropractic adjustment and rehabilitative exercise. Rehabilitative exercise corrects muscle imbalance to support the freedom of movement produced by the adjustment. This helps the patient get better quicker and makes them less likely to re-injure themselves. Chiropractic adjustment plus rehabilitative exercise is the key to recovery from both acute and chronic injuries.


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